Company Profile

Enjoy your Music and TV, don't let them control YOU!

Our Brands

Smart Living Corp.


Founded: 2005

Owner: Jose Raul Calderon, P.E.


Areas of expertise: 

Home Entertainment, Home Automation, Multi-Zone Audio/Music
Music and Movies should relax you, not add more frustration on what remote to use or which button to press. 

At Smart Living, our goal is to help you enjoy your space and let us worry on how the system should work.  We pride ourselves on easy to use systems, without compromising on quality and features. 


Control your system from any room or remotely (iPhone/iPad).  Enjoy your music everywhere, inside and outside.  Play your favorite music using Pandora, iPod or Media Server. Experience movies the way the director intended.  Store your entire collection of movies and music in one place. Relax and let us worry about the small details.